10 years ago I had an unfortunate experience with a
Tucson RV business a day before I was leaving the country on a Sunday for 3
months in Australia. So by reputation I called Sandy’s and asked if they could
make the repairs while I was gone if I dropped the RT off early Sunday before
my taxi left for the airport. Somehow this phone conversation with Marion
convinced me I could trust the integrity and competence of Sandy’s West RV.
Since then Sandy’s West has serviced, installed major accessories and made repairs
on all 3 of my Roadtreks and sold me one of those three. Tim’s (service
manager) knowledge, commitment to quality work and flexibility in emergency
situations is unmatched in my RV experience . If at all possible, I wait until
I arrive at Sandy’s West RV each fall from Wyoming to have work done. More than
once while traveling somewhere in the US or Canada I have called Sandy’s West
for advice on a problem I have. Almost always Tim has practical advice or a
simple solution to confidently get me on my way. Their parts warehouse seems to
have every part imaginable even for old RVs or, if not, Jim (parts manager) can
order it from somewhere. I have recommended Sandy’s West to many people for
both purchase and repair of their RV. Thanks again, Sandy’s, Marion, Jim and
Tim. Scott Eaton PS:Feel free to contact me.”

By: Scott Jackson, WY

“This was the best service I’ve had in 144,000 miles
and 49 states on my Roadtrek. You folks are outstanding! Thank you.”

By: Anonymous The Sea Ranch, CA

“Love my vehicle – love the folks at Sandy’s! Couldn’t
be nicer or more helpful. Whenever we have had a problem it has been addressed
promptly. They were very patient with our somewhat long learning curve!”

By: marjorie Tucson, AZ

“Totally satisfied! Their team did EVERYTHING I was
promised — and more!! There were NO surprises! These are first class, highly
ethical people. Service after the sale has been outstanding. I would definitely
purchase another RV from these great folks.”

By: Roger Tucson, AZ